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2023 Vehicle Application Form

Due to the limited number of vehicles that we are allowed to have participate
in The Community Ho Ho Parade on a nightly basis our receipt of 
your application does NOT guarantee that you will be in the parade.  
Applications must be received by Sunday, Nov. 5, 2023.  
We will contact you by Friday, Nov. 11, 2023 with your confirmation information.


Entrants & participants agree to follow all rules put forth by
he Community Ho Ho Parade including but not limited to:

  • Not throwing ANYTHING including candy from the vehicles before, during or after the parade;

  • Drivers will have a current driver's license & vehicle liability insurance requiredby the California Motor Vehicle Code section 16020;

  • Drivers will not use cell phones during the parade unless using a hands-free device; 

  • Drivers will NOT pull over to pick up riders or stop to chat during the parade;  

  • Only music approved by The Community Ho Ho Parade may be played during the event;

  • Drivers will obey ALL traffic laws & will follow all directions of motorcade escorts, parade managers & parade traffic control.


In consideration of the acceptance & the right to participate in The Community
Ho Ho Parade, entrants & participants by execution of this application release
& discharge all representatives, volunteers, servants & anyone else 
connected with management & presentation of The Community Ho Ho
Parade from & against all liability of loss that the participants & entrants family,
friends & riders that they may sustain or incur as a result of any known
or unknown damages, injuries, claims, demands, costs or judgments arising
from participants or entrants involvement in The Community Ho Ho Parade.

We have volunteers taking pictures of your vehicles involved in the parade. 
These photos may include you and your riders.  We may be publishing these photos on our social media and using them to promote the parade.

Please fill out the form below completely.

Please email a picture of your vehicle, preferably decorated,


Is vehicle a convertible?
Select the dates you wish to be in the parade:

Thanks for applying.
All applicants will be notified by November 11, 2023

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