Santa and his elves have completed the Community Ho Ho Parade for the 2019 Parade Season but we'll be back for 2020!  

We just finished the 7th annual Community
Ho Ho Parade. Where has the time gone? 

In the past seven years the community of
San Bernardino has come together to put on a four
day Christmas event that shows how amazingly
resilient, hopeful, and generous it's citizens are. 

* Thank you to our fans for coming out to see us

on the parade route! We appreciate those of you

who aren't on our routes and travel to see us - we do notice those SUV's and cars along the roadside filled with kids bundled in blankets!

* Thanks to our fans who come to the departure and arrival parties to see Santa, Mrs. Claus and all of our characters along with the splendidly decorated vehicles! You make those parties so much fun!

* Thank you to the organizations that host our departure and arrival parties! Without your gracious hospitality our fans would not be welcomed with refreshments, our drivers wouldn't have facilities before and after the parades and Santa would be sitting in a dark, cold parking lot before and after the parades.

* Thank you to our drivers and their passengers for decorating their vehicles and spreading holiday cheer! Without their amazing vehicles there would be no parades! (a special thank you to those that are willing take riders that I foist on them with little notice!)

* Thank you to our characters - from Mr and Mrs Claus to Olaf, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Reindeer, Venison the Reindeer, Bumbles and of course, The Grinch. Those costumes can be hot while standing indoors taking pics, they can be cold while riding in convertibles in the cool weather and really uncomfortable most of the time. We appreciate all that you put up with to make the kids smile!

* Thank you to the command staff....9 months of meetings; finding funds; logistics; hauling candy canes, costumes, and Santa's chairs; directing vehicles on parade night; dressing & escorting characters; answering social media questions; tweeting on parade nights....the duties are varied and endless but I couldn't ask for better partners.

I've said this in interviews about the parade but I really believe it to be true - it takes a community to make a parade, and our community rocks at this!

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