We're looking for classic cars & trucks, street rods and exotic cars
to cruise with Santa in the parades! 

8th Annual Community Ho Ho Parade


Questions on how to? We can help!  


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there are new requirements to be a

entry in the 2020 Community Ho Ho Parade. 

If you are not able to follow these requirements please

DO NOT submit an application to participate this year. 

Failure to follow the requirement will result in expulsion from the parade.

1.   All lights must be functional when arriving at the parade gathering location.

2.  Drivers will not leave their cars at any time before or during the parade once they have arrived at the gathering location.

3.  Masks must be worn at all times.

4.  Bathrooms will not be available at the beginning or ending of the parade.

5.  When you receive the gathering location by email please do not share these locations with anyone that is not participating the parade. 

6.   Do not pull into our usual ending locations - when we reach the location just continue past and gracefully exit the parade line to continue on.

7.   All drivers and riders must comply with all rules.


Due to the limited number of cars that we are allowed to have participate in The Community Ho Ho Parade on a nightly basis, our receipt of your entry form does NOT guarantee that you will be in the parade for every evening that you register for.  We will contact you with your confirmation information and parade gathering locations. 

Entrants & participants agree to follow all rules put forth by
The Community Ho Ho Parade including but not limited to:

  1.  Not throwing anything including candy from the vehicles before, during or after the parade; 

  2. Drivers will have a current drivers license & vehicle liability insurance required by the California Motor Vehicle Code section 16020;

  3. Drivers will not use cell phones during parade unless with a hands-free device;

  4. Drivers will pull over to the side of the road if they encounter problems during the parade & rejoin at designated rendezvous points on the parade route;

  5. Drivers will not pull over to pick up riders or stop the parade for any reason;

  6. Only music approved by The Community Ho Ho Parade may be played during the event;

  7. Drivers will obey all traffic laws & will follow all directions of motorcade escorts & parade managers. 

In consideration of the forgoing entry, car owner, family or guests agree to permit The Community Ho Ho Parade use of their names & pictures, pictures of their cars for publicity, advertising & commercial purposes before, during & after the events, & so hereby relinquish any rights to any photos with the events. 

In consideration of the acceptance & the right to participate in The Community Ho Ho Parade, entrants & participants by execution of this form, release & discharge all representatives, volunteers, servants & anyone else connected with management & presentation of The Community Ho Ho Parade from & against all liability of loss that the participants & entrants family, friends & riders that they may sustain or incur as a result of any known or unknown damages, injuries, claims, demands, costs or judgments arising from participants or entrant's involvement in

The Community Ho Ho Parade.