Thanks to everyone who braved the cooler temperatures to come out and see us because without our fans it wouldn't be any fun!

It really does take a community to make a Community Ho Ho Parade!!!

The organizing committee of the Community Ho Ho parade would like to thank everyone who sponsored the parades and movies this year! 

  • Dennis and his crew at D & R Traffic Control this parade could not get through the parade routes!  We appreciate their long term commitment to helping us spread holiday cheer!

  • Wizard Restorations sponsored the candy canes for all the departure and arrival  parties and for joining us during the parades!  

  • Thank you to Albert Okura of Juan Pollo for joining us in the parade with his wonderful vehicles and the Dancing Chicken!  

  • Reconasys sponsoring Santa's VW Buggy this year.

  • We'd like to thank all of our drivers who participated!  It takes time, effort and $$$ to decorate your vehicle and then there is the time to drive it in the parade.  

  • Thanks to all the Merry Makers who rode in the parade and waved non-stop for hours and shouted "Merry Christmas" thousands of times.    That's hard work!

  • Thank you to our cast of characters for bringing smiles to all our fans.  Wearing a costume in the parade can be cold and physically demanding then you're put into a warm room to stand for pictures!  We appreciate everything you do!

  • Thank you to our party partners for hosting our departure and arrival parties!  We appreciate all of your hard work in making waiting fun!  

  • Thank you to the city of San Bernardino Parks & Recreation department and staff for the use of the parks, Community Centers and Senior Center for our parties.

  • Thank you to First Christian Church of San Bernardino and the San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum for allowing us to use their locations for our parties.

  • Thank you to all the volunteers that  do any number of odd jobs before and during parade season - stuff like tweeting our progress during the parade, carrying boxes of candy canes, cleaning costumes, moving the candy cane line, making decorations for the vehicles, escorting Santa and our characters through dark parking lots, and so many other strange duties!  

  • And I would like to thank my fellow committee members for the months of planning that an event like this takes!  You all are a joy to work with!


We wish you a Merry Christmas! 
We're looking forward to planning the 2021 Parade Season!